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CEO Message

Eco Friendly Roofing Products

Neometalplus ceo message

Our connection to metal laminated metal products is all around us.
NeoMetalplus Co.,Ltd. is interested in satisfying client's metallic needs from household appliances to construction applications.

NeoMetalplus technology is based on our exprience and innovation during the development of the film laminated metal products.

Our goal is to produce quality products that exhibit excellent engineering performance and supperior appearance at a low cost.

We will continue to meet and exceed our client's expetation.
Our challenge and pioneering spirit will take us there.

Thank you very much.

Eco Friendly Roofing Products. NEOMETALPLUS co., ltd.

- Feature-

It is the eco-friendly product with excellent durability for the natural color from the metal and its value.

In particular, the Neo Cu(copper laminar) product blocks the vein of water and electromagnetic wave, and adds action of sterilization.

It solves the problems in the expensive price of nonferrous metal and is widely used with very excellent cost effectiveness.

Harmony of the metal and life and customer satisfaction,
It is the dream of NeoMetalplus Co.,Ltd. leading the new culture of metal